Hand Pulled Prints

Inspiration from the West Coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. I live and work in the rainforest on the western edge of Canada. This place provides a landscape for me to creatively depict the land and sea, and flora and fauna. I try to capture the colours, textures, and movement of what I see as my moments out here. This is my way to share this extraordinary beauty and attempt to translate how dynamic this place is on paper. My current work is produced by a technique called reduction cut relief printmaking. Check out the sidebar "What is a Linocut Block Print?" to understand the process. Have a look at my current works under "Gallery Slideshow". Enjoy.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Join me on Instagram

While I plug away at my new website please join me on Instagram. It's a great way for me to quickly post a picture, write a short paragraph, and send it out to the universe. It's an easy way to regularly share behind the scenes, work in progress, new work delivered to my stores, and a more casual and fun way to keep in contact with my clients and fellow visual artists and printmakers.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Active Philanthropy - Wild Pacific Trail

For the last five years I have partnered with several local non-profit organizations to raise money and support volunteers in my community. Each collaboration inspires and pushes me artistically, injecting the values and work the organization does for the area. My latest collaboration is with the Wild Pacific Trail Society (WPTS). I wanted to create a winter scene and showcase the drama and colours of the volcanic rocks and water, the wind in the trees, and the sudden quiet before the next weather system crashes at our doorstep. Six of the ten hand pulled prints are available for $450 Cdn each and $180 Cdn is donated directly to the WPTS. If you are interested, please contact me at allison.tremain@gmail.com or 1-250-726-3934.

Ucluelet Aquarium - a hidden gem

Hooray to the staff at the Ucluelet Aquarium working hard over the winter and creating such an inviting place to visit. I visit the aquarium frequently to simply enjoy the beauty of invertebrates and fish. A constant source of inspiration for my artwork. Most of the time I daydream and watch the crabs, fish, sea slugs, and the octopus going about their daily routines. It's a relaxing and meditative space for me, to watch and observe my subject matter I adore and never bore of is such a treat. I learn something new every time I go there. You can find a selection of my works on wood and art cards in their groovy retail shop.

Tofino store reopened

Amazing Tan's Gift Shop in Tofino is located on Fourth Street, just a quick right turn at the first four-way stop and steps from Wolf in the Fog restaurant. They carry specially selected hand crafted items from Tan's home in Thailand and she and Stamatis are huge fans of my artwork. They have my full collection of original coloured reduction cut relief prints and my handpressed prints on wood veneer.

A smile for days

Here I am at the main dock in Ucluelet on a brisk and wonderful early March day. I was scouting locations with the Art Rave Society of Alberni. In collaboration with Shaw Cable, I was filmed as part of a series called 'Rave on the Arts, Studio Sessions' and will be released at some point this year. Yes my hair is cut short now, for the past year in fact...and that is a real big toothy grin. I bought striped and colourful gumboots to make me a little more happy on those grey winter days.

Change is in the air

Warmer temperatures, pollen covering the ground, new shoots and green leaves, and birds migrating are definite signs of a change in the air. It is hard to miss the honking calls of the first Canadian geese flocks to fly over the treetops. This iconic bird is still a favourite of mine and part of my new Canadiana series, celebrating nature that I love across the country. I wanted to capture the moment just after geese take flight from resting and feeding. It can look like chaos at first but in the air, the highly organized V pattern keeps the flock in line.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Beckoning Spring

Cherry blossoms are in profusion around the province...well except here. BUT I just realized that our rainforest displays a delicate hint of springtime blossom similiar to the cherry tree. It's our salmon berry bushes. Pink and fuschia, papery, not too showy. Now is the time to photograph these beauties and capture them in ink.